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Originally Posted by Shiizuma View Post
Its been a while since Ive been on a diet. About August I believe. I just started to slip slowly and before I knew it I was back in my old habits and up all the pounds I lost. :/

I know the holidays are tough, but I'm tired of using that as an excuse. I NEED to get this going now or Ill never make it in time for my conventions. (In March, June, and August).

Basically this thread is me looking for a few people who'd like to converse, keep in touch, and/or motivate with me. I feel like I just need a little push to REALLY get serious this new year. I'd love to finally feel right in my cosplays.

I need more friends via myfitnesspal, tumblr, or even And I could always always use some advice on how to do this. I just wing it every time really. Calorie counting and light exercise is all I know.

Hopefully a few of you can add me and help me really crack down on myself.

mfp: ariav3
tumblr: becomecosplay

Have a wonderful holiday and good luck with your fitness in the new year. :3
ALL this is essentially how I feel. My tumblr is the same as my username.
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