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I'm glad I found this thread! I think it is a great idea and you've inspired me to make a mfp account

I think positive encouragement from each other is exactly what we all need!
I know that I have been over weight pretty much all my life and every time I've tried some sort of diet or weight loss plan I become weak and either give in to temptation(darn you sweets ) or just quit flat out.
But this time around I am sticking to it!

My sister is doing her own weight loss plan and has already lost 20lbs. I think that is amazing and I always encourage and tell her how awesome she has done. Anytime she feels discouraged or hits a bump in the road I try to encourage her about how far she has come.

Itís great to have a group of people with the same common goal that you can confide in and talk to and rant to . We can hold each other accountable and help build each other up when feeling discouraged.
I think it's great that you have goals and you're following through with them. Just stay on track and if you feel discouraged just remember how far you've come. Don't think of your goal as something unattainable !( I feel we often do that, set goals for ourselves but don't honestly believe we can reach them but we CAN.) I'm still trying to figure out the best diet/exercise plan for myself so I don't have a lot to offer now but I will post any helpful things I find here in this forum . My tumblr is :anybodyknowhisname and my mfp is : Pastel_Orchid.

Good Luck everyone !
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