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Originally Posted by chiigusa View Post
I think the key for everyone is not to "diet" but to eat clean. Counting calories just brings insanity (at least for me it does, even using myfitnesspal)! And as some other people mentioned, LOTS of water is great. You may need to go to the bathroom every 5 seconds, lol, but you'll get rid of that water weight quickly. I pretty much exclusively drink only water now (save for a glass of wine on some stressful days).

I just joined a gym a couple weeks ago. After eating better (not completely clean because I am SO damn picky) and doing the elliptical for 30-45 minutes almost everyday and Ballet Beautiful a few times a week, I've lost about 2 pounds. Not SUPER fast progress, but it's progress.

The other thing to remember is that the scale isn't everything. I took some "before" shots of myself last week and measured myself to see if I'm noticing an actual change by the end of the month. Because especially once you start working out more, you'll end up gaining muscle weight, which may tip the scale in a way that might freak you out, when it's actually great!

Also, I highly recommend the 30 Day Shred, as long as you keep it up and do it for 30 days! Also, make a Fitblr...which is a fitness tumblr. The community there is awesome and supportive.

Anyway, you all can do it! You just need to take the right steps for your body. (I hope this was motivating enough, lol.) My goal is to look great for C2E2 in April.
I agree ! I am trying to eat healthier myself. I always feel like I am setting myself up for failure when I start a diet because I know I am bad at sticking with them ! Another thing is portion control, which I think is alot of my problem ;A; I eat way more than I need to!

I'll def look into the 30 day Shred sounds pretty awesome ^_^.

Also I forgot to mention a really fun way to get some exercise in is to hula hoop! If you get a weighted hoop and just hoop for an hour it's a great way to get exercise and have fun. You can find tons of videos on youtube that teach you moves . I have a set of DVDs by Hoopnotica that are pretty good for beginner hoopers. They're not really a work out video per se but they teach you things you can do with the hoop. You can find a hula hoop pretty much anywhere (except not the children ones you find at wal-mart and target etc. those are NOT what you want) or you can make your own ! You can teach yourself all kinds of tricks and things and it's really just an all around fun way to get exercise while jamming out to your favorite songs I was insipired by my two friends who hula hoop and are amazing at it !
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