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Originally Posted by DukeLawliet View Post
As usual myself, I'll be assuming leadership of the Sat Afternoon and Night shoots myself. We should be having a great time, as we did last year. We got a GREAT turnout (remember the shadows?) and are hoping to make it even bigger! As our community grows, let's hope for even more fun! Sat we're thinking approximately noonish followed by lunch, and midnight, unless other suggestions are abound. Any thoughts?
Hi! Glad to hear that you'll be back at Otakon this year. If you want to run them, then by all means. I think you were better at it then when I tried to; though I'll be more than happy to help you, or anyone else leading the shoots.

You're right though, this should be another great year for the fandom here at Otakon.

As for Saturday, the very initial/preliminary time ideas was 1 PM, and 11:30 PM (instead of midnight out of safety-time concerns-considerations/squeeze in the King's game at a reasonable time if people were interested); but this is NOT set in stone/up for debate.
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