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Hello all!! ^^

Hello all, first of all excuse my completely rotten English (I am French and very bad in English, gomen!! _ (>. <) _)
I am Axeliste, I began the cosplay in 2011 (in Xion (Kingdom Hearts)), and then, I have make Erza ( Fairy Tail) for Japan Expo on 2012. At the moment, I work on the cosplay of Rin (Ao no exorcist), Shizuo (Durarara!), and Axel ( Kingdom Hearts). ^^
I'm always there to learn bases, thus your advice(council) is the timely (especially wigs levels! ^^ ' Or language... ^^'''')
The agreements(conventions) which I make are the ones near Paris (France), here we are!! ^^
If you look that, it's because... YOU SUCK! XD
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