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What To Use For Tattoos

I hope I'm posting this in the right forum! I guess it would constitute as makeup advice...?

Anyway, I'm cosplaying as Yata Misaki from K this weekend, and I really wanted to have the HOMRA tattoo under my shirt for certain pictures.
What I'm talking about is the shorter character on the left below:

Originally, I was just going to use a stencil and draw it on with some sharpie. I was thinking that if it leaves any residue, I could dab that off with a paper towel or napkin and then spray a little hairspray on it to keep it from smearing or rubbing off... but I'm just really concerned, because the shirt is white. I wouldn't want it to rub off onto my white shirt at all.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for a better way to go about doing this?
Thanks so much in advance!
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