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Guess I'll go ahead and bump this up for you.

Katsucon 2014 won't be for a while so I can't promise anything right now -- currently looking for employment and have no idea where I'll end up -- but Kotarou here knows that I've wanted to do Haseo's 1st form. I only know Haseo from GU, but after skimming through the LINK manga (I'll read it and possibly play the game properly when I get a chance. Totally did not know it existed until I saw this thread), I wouldn't mind doing .hack//LINK Haseo's 1st form. It actually looks better in my opinion.

That said, just wanted to compliment you on your cosplays. It's honestly a tad bit intimidating, but it's also good inspiration to step it up a few notches. Regardless of what happens, I wish you the best of luck.
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