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I just waited for over an HOUR to shower. I wanted to go to bed early because I've been sleep deprived and sleeping through math and chem.
I share the bathroom with ONE twelve year old kid. Seriously, it was 10:20 when I wanted to take a shower. :|

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Just got a butt-ton of work for this weekend too-- admin seems to have messed up, so we're playing Defense and not Prosecution like we requested on Tuesday.

Time to go fix EVERYTHING.

We'll just have to motivate each other? :'D
Ooooohhh man. Good luck! You can do it!
At least it's Tuesday and not tomorrow or something. XD
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The boyfriend has a matching one where the top tier says "King," ha ha. Proooooobably my favorite purchase from the entire trip. X3
Ahaha that's the best! XD
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