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My friend came over to try on her Camellia Luka dress. And she ended up leaving with just a finished headband and choker. I need to remake the WHOLE dress. The old one wasn't fitting her so we cut it apart to see what we could still use(only the white skirt layer is going to be used...) and we had the brilliant idea to take the hoop she got with her Katja dress and use that for this cosplay. So I need to remake the bodice, make a new black skirt under the white, sash and bow. Thankfully I have spring break the week after next week but I need to find time to run to Jo-Anns to get more of the black fabric.

But first...need to make a pattern for the circle skirt and make a mock up...
Awww, that blows! If I learned I worked so hard on something only to have to redo it then I would melt D:
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