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Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
Thanks for the answers guys. I really wish I knew where you could try one on so I could see if they would work or not since I more or less need it to keep the girls in one place and not move around...
Also - apparently they can melt in warmer climates. So if you're considering wearing them to a con in Summer... you may want to rethink it. That said - they're relatively inexpensive online. I had considered one for my Mab costume... but I'm pretty sure it would melt off in the Atlanta sun.

I've now ridiculously over complicated my costumes, apparently. I just realized that each of my planned or in progress costumes involves some technique/skill that I have learned just for the purpose of that costume. Embroidery, wire and bead crochet, silk painting, knitting. I love that I'm doing things that are new - but even the simple costumes are getting complex because I over think them.
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