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Hetalia All Ages and 18+ Panels - Fanime 2013

Hello, everyone! Co-host France for this coming year coming to you on coscom to say we're looking for auditions for a few roles on the panels this coming year!

Both panels have been accepted!

All Ages Panel: Sunday (day 3) May 26th from 10:00am - 12:00pm in Panels 3
18+ Panel: Sunday (day 3) May 26th from 11:00pm - 1:00am in Panels 2

The following is copy-pasted from the other host's post on the Fanime forums (they are the America for this year but was the Russia on both panels for 2012).

"So, for the past 3-4 years my group has gotten the 18+ and all ages Hetalia panels! Every year our rooms are jam packed with Hetalians! And this year we're hoping to do it once more! We're gathering panelists to join us for fun and excitement!

Who we have:
  • France - All Ages & 18+
  • England - All Ages & 18+
  • America - All Ages & 18+
  • Russia - All Ages & 18+
  • Italy - All Ages & 18+
  • Romano - All Ages | Different Romano - 18+
  • Austria - 18+
  • Sweden - All Ages & 18+
  • Finland - All Ages & 18+
  • Denmark - All Ages & 18+
  • Canada - All Ages & 18+
  • Poland - All Ages
  • Spain - All Ages & 18+
  • Romania - All Ages & 18+

Who we NEED:
  • Japan (both)
  • Germany (both)
  • China (both)
  • Prussia (both)
  • Lithuania (all ages)
  • Hungary (18+)
  • Norway (both)

Rules for auditions:
- Video Only
- AT LEAST 5 minutes of video, no more than 10
- MUST have In Character (IC) and Out Of Character (OOC) content
- IC content must show you acting as the character, whether its reading a script, improv, or doing lines from the show
- OOC content is you telling us why you'd like to be the character , why you think you qualify, how long youve cosplayed, and any past panel/ask blog/youtube/etc. experience
- As far as ages go, we would /prefer/ that you're at least 18, that way we can use you for both panels. But this is not a must.
- If you have been in a panel, and if video of said panel is available, please link me!
- Videos should be uploaded to youtube~ (or some site that lets you download files)
- We would like if you had a facebook so that we could add you to the group on said website, but it is not a must. Also, skype would be needed! (And, as we get closer to the panel, you must be willing to share your phone number with Jaidin (me) and Brittany so that we can contact you!)
- Must be willing to do some fanservice
- Must know some basic history of character, both Hetalia wise and maybe a bit of background history on your nation just in case. Some fans delve deep into the history part and may ask about real bits of your nation's history Modern history is good to know as well, so europes economy and such.
- Must have a grasp on the character. Enough to make the character a 3-D person
- Keep it IC but do not go past PG 13 language and the like (note this is only for all ages panel, 18+ means anything goes)
- Canon uniforms ARE PREFERRED. Especially for the All Ages panel. If you do not have the complete canon uniform in timeplease contact the hosts (brittany and jaiden) and we'll talk things over, but again canon is prefered. They have a ton of stuff they wear.If you would like to have something underneath or change please also inform us, we will be more lax with alt outfits for the 18+ panel since thats more fun and we can do more things (example I'm planning a cancan! France outfit to change into midway through).
- You must have a proper wig(or hair is correct length, style and color). Wig is prefered.

Panel content:
- Trivia (both Hetalia and IRL History)
- In Character asks
- Truth Or Dare (possibly only for 18+?)
- Nation Battle (game)

Nation Battle explanation:
We pick 2 audience members, give them a list of commands preapproved by panelists that they can use, have them act as historical figure for a nation, 3 round battle of insults, stage attacks, etc. (copied from our page)

We will have prizes! Both hosts will be providing Doujin for the 18+ panel, there will be roses (From France), mini-flags, buttons, and possibly more!
More info will be available as we get closer!"

Contacting the hosts:
- Email:
- Facebook:
- Tumblr:
- Email:
- Facebook:
- Coscom: Stitchez (this account that is posting)
Open For Cosplay Commissions @ mrstitchezcommissionz

Cosplay Plans
ALA 2016 - not 100% sure yet
  • Cremisuis Aclassi - Punkquisition, winter palace?
  • Edward Kenway - tattered/castaway
  • DIO - formal for dance?, pt 3?
  • Polnareff - pt 3?
  • Metal Bat

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