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Originally Posted by Rainbowgasm View Post
if its hard to move around with it, it might be a problem, but I've seen people carrying things that must weight 50-80 pounds no problems... guess it just depends on how strong you are... if you can carry a 150 pound thing easily, then its okay, if you can't even carry 20 pounds, maybe you shouldn't bring that 30 pound canon...

The pistol replica may be an issue however... it says right on the rules 'no replica weapons'... so I'd message the Weapons Master to see if yours fits in that category...
Alright, I haven't made the rifle yet so I haven't got a clue how heavy the final product is.

For replica, it clearly means firearms we use here, I'm talking about a M-3 Predator pistol. I'll be making a full hostler for it too.
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