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Originally Posted by Ilafatyu View Post
Hey Sacchan, welcome to Coscom. It's pretty cool that you've been cosplaying for so long, even if it's just an off-and-on thing. I know a few people around the forums from Hawaii, but I have no idea what the cosplay culture is over there. Are there any conventions, or do you guys have to fly out or set up meetups, or...?
Thank you!! ^^

There are a couple of conventions, but in recent years I havent really been attending cons and/or the cosplay scene much. I have a small circle of friends and we tend to do private shoots more than going to cons.... It's so exciting going to cons that I want to pick it up again though, especially since I want to make more friends XD

Originally Posted by Chikkijet View Post
Hi!! I love Sailor Moon and LoZ, too! Which Zelda character do you cosplay? I'm currently working on my first Zelda cosplay which is the Twilight Princess version, but I really want to do LTTP and the cartoon Zelda someday as well.

I always wanted to go to Hawaii
Really? *___* My first LoZ cosplay was Ocarina of Time Princess Zelda, but I cosplay the Great Fairy and I'm working on Fi right now. I can't wait to see your finished Zelda cosplay! ^^

Even though we're just coming out of winter now, it feels muggy here already. I wish I lived somewhere cooler! I guess the grass is always greener on the other side ^^;;
Been proudly cosplaying since 1998 ^___^

I mainly cosplay Sailor Moon, Touhou and Legend of Zelda.
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