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I've wanted to cosplay for quite a long time. After going to my first con yesterday, I think I got the motivation I finally needed. I am 6'3, average build, blue eyes. I am not against wigs, cutting my hair, or contacts. Anything to keep the costume true.

Based on personalities, the characters I would enjoy going as are:
Shikimaru - Naruto
Aoshi Shiomori - Kenshin
L (or Light) - Deathnote
Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon

I'm not a fan of the game, but I would also like having one really mainstream character. Someone everyone would recognize right away and looks pretty impressive. Due to my height, I thought Sephiroth would look good.

And finally, just because I mimicked him a lot as a kid, I was thinking James from Team Rocket. But only if I had a Jesse to complete me.

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