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Thank you for your thoughts.

Does anyone know of any cosplay photo contests that are judged on the actual merits of the photographer? If not I wish there was one.

From what I've heard cosplay contests are judged on the skills of the craftsmanship of the costume. It'd be nice if there was something of the like for the photographer. I'd like to figure out how to improve as a photographer other than by winning the popular vote by taking a picture of the hottest cosplayer.

@smurfsama - very true. It's sad how many favorites a photo I took of Yaya Han has on my deviantart compared to some of the really good male cosplayers I've taken photos of. And I don't think the photo of Yaya Han is very good.

@kamuishirou1999 - i didn't single out Anime Expo because other conventions have done the same. And even worse some other conventions open up the photo contests to cosplayers and photographers, pitting them against each other because whomever submits the photo first will be eligible. Rather than point fingers, my intention was to open a general
discussion about those types of contests as a whole.
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