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Originally Posted by kazumas View Post
But for now I'm pretty cool with whatever day you guys want to pick. ; u;
Though initially I wanted to wear Natsume on either Thursday - because at least I won't melt standing in line for my badge - or Sunday. But if you guys choose either Friday or Saturday, I'm fine with that too.
Thanks for being so flexible. ^-^

Originally Posted by Shagami View Post
and thank you for trying to work around the Tales of gathering <3
You're welcome. ^_^ I'll try my best.
It looks like the Tales Of gathering is hoping for Day 3/Saturday/July 6th, though they're not officially set for that day yet.

Some of you have expressed interest in the Sword Art Online gathering. That is set for Day 1/Thrusday/July 4th at noon.

As for me, I'm going to try to attend the Hetalia, Kingdom Hearts, and Inuyasha gatherings. But Hetalia has a gathering available for each day, and Kingdom Hearts and Inuyasha both do not have forum threads up yet. If I have to, I'll try mid-day cosplay changes so the Natsume gathering will not be constrained to avoiding those 3 gatherings' days.

So far, to avoid conflicting with the Tales Of and Sword Art Online gatherings, our Natsume gathering should be on Fri/day2/July 5th or Sun/day4/July 7th.

If this is _really_ a problem for people, then we can try scheduling Natsume for same day but different times than those other gatherings.
Please post if you're willing or unwilling to do a mid-day cosplay change.
(Hopefully, we can leave this as a last resort.)
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