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Bioshock Infinite Cosplay? (Newbie)

Hello! Some people might recognize me from the 2K forums,I know I recognize some people ahem mr.bubbles... On the other hand this is my FIRST TIME ever wanting to cosplay and I really want to try to make my own costume,it doesn't feel special if I just buy it online,I want to do it all by myself.

I believe there's an Anime Expo in a couple months so this is really urgent and I'm hoping to try to make at least an decent one. I really want to make an "Boy of Silence" so far he has my favorite design in Bioshock Infinite and I really like the backstory so far. I was going to become an Splicer but I decided I wanted to be a character I really would love to try out.

Boy of Silence Design:

I'm just curious how much money it would cost for material to make the helmet,I just want one that won't break or get crushed to easily. Also I don't know really know about the clothes,I do not and I mean DO NOT know how to sew! Do you guys think I could do it within a couple months? How much money do you think this will cost?

This is my first time,or do you recommend going for something easier? Like I said I'm new,but I really want to get into cosplaying,I might borrow some money from my brothers or someone if it's at least 100$ (I'm assuming that's the cost) and owe them back somehow. I really can't go over the 100$ limit though
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