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Originally Posted by sweetnsassy View Post
Fantastic pic Arlette!!!

Was I the only one who gasped when Regina tore up Cora's clothes in last night's episode? I turned to my mom and told her 1000 cosplayers just wept inside.

And no, you're not alone. I said to my husband, "Oh, man, there goes the blue dress. I liked the blue dress."

Originally Posted by touchmon
Love your Belle Arlette!

I really did not like the newest episode at all. Like after I saw it I just sat there and ranted a bit to my friend about why I hated it and now dislike like, half of the main cast...

Also kind of sad there were no new pretty outfits. Lol.
Thank you!

And I loved this episode! I keep seeing different opinions on it, and I think it's because it depends on what you get out of the show in general. This is the first Regina episode in a long time that hasn't made me want to stab myself in the face. Seeing her make the same mistakes over and orphaning yet ANOTHER child...and then actually admitting to Snow at the end that she never learns from her mistakes...honestly, I will take that over any of the white-knighting that the writers usually try to do with Regina.

Also, you know you're in trouble when Rumplestiltskin is being the moral voice of reason. I'm looking at you, Charmings.
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