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Considering I get my crap together on time, I might be cosplaying Kanaya or Karkat for a day or part of a day, depending on what my friends want me to do. I don't know when yet, but I hope I see you guys there all the same. ^_^
Upcoming Cosplays:

Emmy Altava (Professor Layton) - 30%
Apollo Justice (Ace Attorney) - 25%
Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill la Kill) - 20%
Simon Blackquill (Ace Attorney) - 0%
Secret Cosplay! (Unknown) - 0%

Upcoming Conventions:
[x] Katsucon 2015 - Maya, Kazuki, BlackRose
[x] Zenkaikon 2015 - Maya, Kazuki, BlackRose(?)
[ ] Otakon 2015 - Apollo, Satsuki, ~Secret Cosplay~

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