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Anime Expo Valve gathering 2013

Welcome back guys, I'll just start off by saying I can't wait to have the 4th annual Valve gathering for Anime Expo. I will be updating this page ever so often until AX13 comes. Until then feel free to post your cosplays.

Left_4_Pillz: Nothing at the moment
Misterfreeman: Nothing at the moment
Resident-chick: GLaDOS
JellySpIIrt: Gordon Freeman
Jude Harley: Chell
VforVilma: (BLU) Soldier
SOAP22: Adrian Shepherd
ZENGO366: Saxton Hale
SirRocketJumper: Francis
Soporose: (BLU) Scout
Soporose(2): (RED) Demoman
Yensid: (BLU) Scout
HikariHoroko: Ellis
HikariHoroko(2): Zoey
molvestine: (RED) Pyro
JeTJL: Francis
CDJO (RED) Medic

The location will be held here, same as last years.
Valve gathering at Anime Los Angeles undecided yet.

Cosplays for Anime Los Angeles 2013

Wreck-it Ralph

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