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Originally Posted by sukotsuto View Post
Probably the only way there could be a cosplay photography contest focused on the photographer's skill and nothing else would be with a judging panel of professional photographers that are outside of the convention photography community. That way they won't play favorites to their region or convention friends and probably won't be too focused on the skill or looks of the cosplayer. That or just drop an image on the contest that is so amazing it can't be denied. haha
But photographers who are exterior to cosplay photography are not necessarily the best judges.
Take my most favorited photo on DevArt :
It's not an impressive, or technically challenging photo. But it tells something about the characters on it, so people who like the show liked it.
Maybe it's not worth much as a photo, but it's worth something as a piece of fanart.
A cosplay photography contest that would be judged like a general photography contest, would let the fanart aspect out.
Cosplay photography cannot exist without the pre-existing characters it references. These references are what makes cosplay photography, well, *cosplay* photography, and not just fashion or portrait.

Cosplay contests are generally judged by seasoned cosplayers. The community of contest-participating cosplayers is quite small, so people on stage very often know most of the judges personnally.
Personal friendships or enimities can taint the result, but it is still considered better than having someone who's not a cosplayer, especially for craftmanship awards. Cosplayers WANT to be judged by their peers.
I can say the same about cosplay photography : what matters to me is how fellow cosplay photographers see it. I have never ever gotten useful input from someone outside of the community.
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