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Originally Posted by Just For Fun View Post
Wow, so this year there's going to be four elemental lords, a Rydia and potentially a Rosa roaming around? That can't be a coincidence. Would all of you be interested in walking around together as a FFIV group because I know I would be.
Hi, I have this four fiend group going from FF4. None of us are organize enough to know when we are wearing anything except my friend's "big" costume of the con is Kefka so we'll have FF6 for the meetup.

Maybe we'll do FF4 on Friday, or maybe on Saturday night. I can guarantee that one of our group won't last very long in his costume because he's sort of a wimp when it comes to costuming. Whatever though, he's Kainazzo and nobody likes that dumb turtle anyway. Please send me a PM or something and we can come up with a time that works for you to coordinate. I would loooove to have more FF4 to hang with!
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