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Originally Posted by CyborgHippo View Post
Hello! Some people might recognize me from the 2K forums,I know I recognize some people ahem mr.bubbles... On the other hand this is my FIRST TIME ever wanting to cosplay and I really want to try to make my own costume,it doesn't feel special if I just buy it online,I want to do it all by myself.

I believe there's an Anime Expo in a couple months so this is really urgent and I'm hoping to try to make at least an decent one. I really want to make an "Boy of Silence" so far he has my favorite design in Bioshock Infinite and I really like the backstory so far. I was going to become an Splicer but I decided I wanted to be a character I really would love to try out.

Boy of Silence Design:

I'm just curious how much money it would cost for material to make the helmet,I just want one that won't break or get crushed to easily. Also I don't know really know about the clothes,I do not and I mean DO NOT know how to sew! Do you guys think I could do it within a couple months? How much money do you think this will cost?

This is my first time,or do you recommend going for something easier? Like I said I'm new,but I really want to get into cosplaying,I might borrow some money from my brothers or someone if it's at least 100$ (I'm assuming that's the cost) and owe them back somehow. I really can't go over the 100$ limit though
Hey, welcome from another newb. I'd definitely say you should avoid metal so as to keep the cost low. If you avoid that, and go for some easier and cheaper material, you should be able to keep it under 100 dollars. My plan is to build a variation of the suit in dead space 3. That's probably going to be my tax return and more. Regardless, I'm a newbie so I won't be much help. Hopefully you get more than I'm getting on my topic.
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