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Originally Posted by Just For Fun View Post
Wow, so this year there's going to be four elemental lords, a Rydia and potentially a Rosa roaming around? That can't be a coincidence. Would all of you be interested in walking around together as a FFIV group because I know I would be.

I wish I could join in with the FFVI people as well but I wouldn't be able to swap out costumes fast enough due to technical difficulties otherwise I'd bring a FFVI costume as well.
If the potential Rosa is me, then I'll turn it into a yes and join you in a walk around. ^_^ I always love people helping me narrow down my choices. It eliminates my indecisiveness and makes me a happy cosplayer.

Also Terra is looking like a go. My wig is defrizzing and detangling nicely so yay! So much good news lately.
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