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Originally Posted by Suki Rios View Post
I'm mildly surprised no one has made a yugioh shoot yet. No one really listened to me when i called for them to come over for____ pose so it was a free for all last year which is exactly why I didnt want to do it this year :/
Maybe we could issue cattle prods?

I think (I'm going to confirm this, this weekend) we will be getting like a 'cosplay' fabric badge or something to designate that we are running an event, plus a slip of paper with all our shoots and panels on it - which gives a bit of authority to stuff.... but yeah, it can be hard when you get a decent sized group which is why i've encouraged people to have more than one to keep the crowd in line. OS will also be helping out with the larger events for crowd control.

But I am liking the cattle prod idea... I could use that for going through the crowds....
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