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So I'm torn on petticoats. I'm looking into a good one for not too much.

I'm between the Classical Puppets, a Dear Celine, the Malco Modes 582, or the 11-16 Victorian Girl Dress one.

For Classical Puppets, I'm looking at the Daily Bell Shape for $30. Pictures I've seen of it have a really good level of poof, I'm just concerned about 40-55 work days for it to get made, on top of shipping. It'd put a hold on wearing any lolita I get before then.

The Dear Celine ones are beautiful and have perfect puff, but they're more expensive. That's $43 dollars plus shipping, on top of also taking 20-35 business days plus shipping.

The Malco Modes is $53 dollars plus shipping, but it would be ready instantly. And I've seen good reviews for them.

Victorian Girl Dress's pettis are only $16 plus shipping, and I've seen pretty good reviews for them on EGL, I'm just concerned that there might not be quite enough poof. Good poof level, but maybe not as much as I'm wanting.

Pretty much I'm torn between VGD and Classical Puppets due to price, but if anybody swears by another brand, I'd like to hear it? I just really don't wanna have to layer two or buy one and it die in a week.
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