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SailorMoon - Yea I am thinking it is the way I will have to go I want to find one that looks alright. Though I could probably go with out if needed. I am also having problems finding a good pen for a Sailor V prop if you see reasonably priced clear pens let me know.

Bumblebee - I missed a lot last year due to some personal stuff so I am doing my best to make up for lost time. That and as my title states I have a small amount of ADD so sitting and focusing on one project at a time is hard.

Speaking of my outfit for the party is almost done, I should have it complete tonight. Fun fact it started as a joke but it's turning into a fem Gilgamesh (Fate Stay). Oh I am gonna be the biggest pompous jerk there ever was. lol! Present should be done tomorrow at the latest. Cutting it a little close but that is what I do best. XD
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