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Looking to Buy: Serah and Snow Engagement Necklaces for my Wedding!

So.. I was proposed to on Valentine's Day of this year and we are planning to take normal engagement photos along with cosplay engagement photos this summer and get married next year in the summer of 2014. Long story short, my fiance and I are well known for our Snow and Serah XIII cosplays and I would love to get two of the official Square Enix engagement pendants for us so we can wear them for our engagement photos and/or our actual wedding as a nod to our cosplays!

The Square site as far as I have seen is down, or at least the online shopping is so I thought I'd look here for anyone who might point me in the right direction or have one or two even to sell. Obviously, I know they are costly, and I am by no means asking to gouge anyone. I am perfectly willing to spend a bit of money for one or two of these because this idea just means the world to me and I'd love to surprise my fiance with official pendants for our main cosplays! I am more than willing to negotiate on price so if you have one, two, or know anyone who has any they are selling, please let me know and help me get into contact with them! I would appreciate all the help I can possibly get! Feel free to private message me if you have a necklace you are willing to sell or know someone who is! Thank you amazing cosplayers in advance!

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