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Fem Cosplay: Snow Villiers(Final Fantasy XIII)

Hey guys!
I'm working on a Fem'Snow cosplay and could use some assistance/advice.

Here's a progress photo.I don't have the coat right now and the scarf and boots will be changed.

Here's Snow:

Now what I need advice on: The wig. It's actually a light pink wig that I used for Serah(from the same series) a couple years ago. I tried it on with the cosplay to make the headwrap big enough to accommodate a wig, and liked how it looked. So here's my question,do you think people would maybe catch on to an idea of 'Oh that's Serah dressed as Snow' or do you think I should buy a new wig entirely and keep it strictly Fem'Snow?

Any little bit of help would be appreciated.Thanks guys!
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