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5th time going to ALA and gotta say my favorite event is the Starlight Ball or the formal Ball that happened on Friday Night.

The staff that ran it were very friendly and took the time to try and make sure everyone was having a good time. The songs all seemed danceable from what I heard, but I went in and out of the event a lot because my dress decided it wouldn't stay up. Aries (one of the staff members) helped me figure out what was wrong with it and then danced with me and my friends for a while to the Tangled song before she excused herself to go off and get another few people dancing.

Scorpio, biiiiig guy with a nice attitude, asked one of my shy friends to dance and led her around the dance floor. He made her feel really special and I'm really glad to see this event happening. The decorations were a big improvement from last year, and the song list is a lot more organized. They should ask for more staff members though! I only counted three staffers working the event and making people happy, and then their three cosplay judges.

Aries was awesome, always had a big smile on her face. The staff in the green dress, I think she was Libra? Not sure but she was awesome and danced with one of my shy guy friends and yeah... Please make this event come back again! <3 It was a blast!

Suggestions for it would be: Have a guide on the wall to tell people what kind of dance each song is. I know my songs and I saw people trying to waltz to everything even when it was a salsa or a foxtrot, and then go complain because they couldn't dance to the music. Not everything formal is waltz!

Favorite event of the Convention though! Wish there had been time to get some pictures of the decorations and the staff. They looked really cool!!

Please bring this event back again next year!
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