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If you're looking for something strong and sturdy for cheap, fiiberglass is pretty reasonable materals wise. HOWEVER the equipment can be pricey (vapor respirator (and this is not optional), power sanding equipment unless you want to use hand tools all day, same for detailing tools). If you can find a friend with the equipment that'd be willing to let you borrow it you could get enough raw materials for a boy of silence (polyester resin, fiberglass mat/cloth, bondo, sandpaper) for probably slightly more than $100 if not less.

Make the basic form out of cardboard/papercraft, lay your fiberglass on the inside and apply resin, then once the fiberglass is cured, peel away the outer cardboard and bondo that stuff into the right shape!

For detailing the side items quickly on a budget, hit up a thrift store for found items that are close in shape. If you could find some vuvuzelas no one wants and some plastic flat saucers you could make those ear doohickies pretty easy.

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