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Originally Posted by Septembre View Post
I'm planning on going to Fanime 2013. I'm also looking for local cosplayer friends. Pm me
If you're doing the Gurlukovich soldier I actually have almost EXACTLY what they wear, and I rarely use it anymore, if you want to borrow it.

  • Tanker Helmet (They should be wearing paratrooper helmets, but they're wearing tanker ones)
  • Soviet-era "Brown Woodland" camouflage (The EXACT kind they're wearing in the game. It's a pain in the butt to track down)
  • Nylon RD-54 chest harness spray-painted black (It is NOT available in black normally. I may fabric paint over it and give it gold buckles at some point) (Also, only pictures in the J-town photo, the other one is an old airsoft harness)
  • Russian infantry boots (MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THINGS EVER)
  • Makarov holster
  • Rubber/plastic AK-47 bayonet
  • Plastic Toy MP5SD w/ a laser pointer that looks clsoe enough to the guns in game (also have an AKSU airsoft gun but it's not con-safe)

A lot of the pieces are scattered in storage (I haven't worn this in years) but I know where the camo is at least and the rest should be able to be found by Fanime if you were interested in borrowing any of it.

The two-hole headsock I do NOT have anymore as it ripped. Those things are surprisingly hard to find.

Also, if you want Evokers for P3 I have those as well!

Here's my personal FB Page:

Cosplay oriented Page:
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