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A wild LUTHER appeared!
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Fire Emblem 2013

Whether you're a member of the Fire Emblem old guard or new to the fandom, whether you're a cosplayer or a fan looking to take photos and hang out with other fans, come join us at Otakon this year!

Location: behind the fountains as always (on the far side of the fountain seen in this picture, near the doors that lead outside to the street)

Friday: evening at 5pm, photoshoot then go to dinner together at the usual place (Edo Sushi)

Saturday: Noon

Current Roster!
Luther: Robin/Avatar/MyUnit
Deku: L’Arachel
poskii: Lissa
poskii’s Friend: Chrom(?)
chibi_flora: Lucina (possibly Bride)
yori_haishi: Marisa or Awakening character
Silentsword: Eliwood
yokaiy: Henry
Lady Arieta: Lucina(?)
ZaburosVega: Gaius
ZaburosVega’s Friend: Lon'qu
Seven: Tharja or Lyn
night_vamp64: Micaiah(?)
Seraphy: Lucina
Mantamus: Lyn (DLC)
komoririn: Gaius
NintyGirl: Sumia
NintyGirl’s Friend: Cordelia
NintyGirl's Friend: Chrom
NintyGirl's Friend: maincharacter/Robin/Tactician
Nall: Marth or Ephraim or Masked Marth
Duelistbluerose: Panne
Vespaa: Tharja or Lucina (?)
Nefeni: Nephenee
Kage Mikazuki: Aversa
SquidbotFX: DLC Ephraim
SquidbotFX's friend: Lucina (Great Lord)
yumeru_dreaming: Morgan/Marc (male)
Pillow-chan: Celica
Otakon 2013
Robin/Avatar/MyUnit (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

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