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Wefting is definitely a pain in the butt!
If all else fails, buy one of the suggested wigs above!

OR for future reference/future need to make a ponytail wig where the ponytail conceals whatever you do to the back of your wig:
If your wig is long enough, you can also do this (I experimented with my wig for Rosalia from Sword Art Online and was successful):
Carefully and gently pull the hair back into a loose ponytail-secure it with a tie that matches your wig.
Figure out how high your ponytail needs to be on your wig.
Carefully lift the ponytail upwards along the back of your wig, making sure not to pull the bottom of the wig up with it or mess up the rest. (Or gently twist it up which can help with the illusion of pulled back hair).
Then take the loose ponytail and wrap another ponytail tie around it where you want the tail to actually start.
Clip underneath to keep your tail where you want it.
Take thread that matches your wig and sew the twisted bit to the back of your wig.
Remove clip. ( I left mine in because my wig was so curly it was easy to conceal it).
Style rest of wig and give it a good coating of G2b glued hairspray or whatever you use to keep your wig styled.
This way, if you want to reuse your wig for something else you can!
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