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This is the website that I bought it from but they are sold out and I have no idea if/when they will ever restock it.
"Russian Naval Infantry/Para brown woodland pattern camouflage sets."

The set I have should be a medium-reg if you end up wanting to borrow it.

Is your RD-54 canvas or nylon? The nylon ones seem better at holding the 'square' shape from the game.

Sphera helmets are super hard to come by! But those look awesome. =3 I'm not 100% sure if that was the one they are wearing though. It looks like it's a little different. More like the FSB helmets. Try this site:

I don't even think the two-hole balclava is russian military gear It's a piece of equipment that honestly isn't too useful for military purposes. The one I was wearing was from a racing store. It was too small for me though. Be careful about buying one that's just a one-hole balclava sewn shut in the middle. A lot of the 'two hole' ones are simply that. Look carefully for one that actually has individual holes sewn for both eyes.

One annoying thing about the tanker helmet's designed to muffle sound. So you're going to have fun trying to hear people. =P

Oh yes. And don't forget the Telnyashka undershirt! Very important for completion. =3


And yeah, I quit my job to work on this full time. I have a film gig which is priority but it's paying for materials/construction costs only until the pilot is picked up, so if anyone has any commissions, I'd definitely appreciate it! =D

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