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Name of Commissioner: Majesticlunacy

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Lia De Russo, The Smuggler from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

- I first enjoyed discussing things with her in the beginning, she was perky and enthusiastic when we first met
- She has updated me the most frequently out of all the commissioners I have commissioned in the past, and thatís just awesome, I neednít send her an email every week like I do with some others!
- She responds fast
- She works fast (Even when delays get in the way)
- Her asking price was quite fair
- She was flexible and understanding when it came to payment
- She has quite an eye for detail
- She is experienced in fabrics and whatnot and I did love what she chose in the end
- She double checks on measurements
- She has this whole professional contract thing going on now
- She happily provided me with some extra cords (In two different colors) to tie around the sleeves!
- She was really helpful when it came to finding a reasonable shipping service for such a big package
- Quality is good and sturdy overall.

Cons (Just being honest hereÖ):
- When I pointed out things that bugged me or when I was just curious about something, they would go often ignored during the second half of the process; I would have to repeat myself in some way in the next response if I was to get an answer about something.
- Communications were strained for a period of time. I find it difficult to speak with her at times especially when there is something I dislike during the process and hope to fix or change, I feel that she gets easily annoyed, defensive and also ratherÖ uppity, and I just donít appreciate that. At times I feel that my opinion does not matter all that much unless I push hard enough. It is quite hurtful, and I just donít feel respected as a customer (Plus, I was honestly afraid of upsetting her). Things did manage to let up near the end of the process though, I think the both of us were just going through some stressful times back then.
- There were little moments of confusion (Honestly I wasnít sure what the vest was made of since she mentioned using vinyl at first, before describing what she is using as pleatherÖ or leatherÖ plus the deadline date got me a little confused, changing from 14th to 19th, etc.)
- While yes, she did get some extra fancy trimming as requested; I disliked her reluctance in doing so at first.
- While I appreciate that she seeks to make the costume durable, I donít appreciate how she had not informed me of the certain changes she did to make it so only until later on when I had spot it in the progress shots, of course there is no need to hold my hand for every little step taken during the costume making (And vice versa), but if it is a considerably noticeable visual thing, I would like to discuss about it first. I was flexible with my time, so things like this should have been shared with me instead of being avoided in the beginning.
- Her over confidence bugged me a little at times, there were quite a number of things still left to make, and there were only about 5 days left until the deadline (And painting details seems to take at least 1 to 2 days), I really was not sure if she would even do a good job had she finished them on time.
- There is a rather ugly stain when she glued to pieces of fabrics together for the 2nd blouse.
- Amulet was just made of craft foam and looked rather flat and lame, I was expecting it to be made out of sculpey at least.
- The leather vest fits but it doesnít seem to close up properly, even though I already inserted in some new holes into the straps.
- I felt that she was rushing over quite a few things near the end and so certain things like detail painting and some bits of sewing (And the amulet) did not turn out all that well (Uneven, messy, etc), though they could be hidden somewhat, I was hoping for a cleaner, more proper job.

Overall: I am actually a little saddened at how things turned out near the end, but I am glad that I got quite an alright package despite the issues that occurred.

I think her attitude and etiquette could be a tinsy bit better. Itíd be safer ordering simpler costumes if you want to avoid the issues above.

Final Grade: B-
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