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Tulipe: They're located in Florida, and I've always received everything within a week. I'm not really sure how long it would take for Hawaii, but it would probably be longer.

I got my new Merida belt yesterday!! And ASJHGS! It's so pretty and perfect!!~

Catbug is also done and I've written up my lists, so I'm all set to go

He ended up at around my estimated 11"x6". HI MY NAME IS CATBUG! WHAT'S YOURS?!

EDIT: ACK!! NOT AGAIN! Just checked the weather channel, and it's supposed to be a high of 66 degrees for all of Wondercon with rain on Sunday. At least a majority of my costumes are warm/can be layered. Definitely bringing my cape for Wondie, and I'm thinking of making a pale blue capelet for Alice and Fionna for wearing to and from the center.
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