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Roxas wig critique!


I'm very new to cosplaying. Like, really new. This is the first wig I've ever styled. It's Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. I bought the wig from ****This Website Link Has Been Removed due to Recent Forum Spam**** one of their Roxas wigs; on the site it was styled, but when it came it was flat, so I did it myself. With the wig on my head (not a foam head) with Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam, Paul Mitchell Clean Cut gel, and drugstore hair spray that I forget the name of. And a hair drier.

I'm aware that it's not very good or accurate, so I want some help from experienced cosplayers as to how to improve it! I'm hoping I can get it done really well before Anime Matsuri?


My wig (face not shown because I'm ugly and shy) (one of these pictures is from my own tumblr, don't worry I'm not stealing photos):

Come on guys! Please do your worst!!
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