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Poison Jam roller-blade help

So I'm currently working on a cosplay of Poison Jam from Jet Set Radio Future. I'm currently assembling the pieces, and am going to have an actual pair of roller-blades that I am customizing for final wear.

My question though isn't on HOW to make the customizations, but if anyone knows what roller-blade would look best pre-cusomization, and make my job that much easier.

The best reference picture I can find for the skate can be found with the link below.

I've looked on a site, and found 3 possible blades, but would like opinions on what people think. Whether it's on the ones I've found, sites to look on, or even the exact skate they think I should buy.

I'll note that price doesn't matter too much, since the blades will still be functional, but having to spend $400 is too much. I'm hoping to get a pair for $200 or less.

The blades must be aggressive inline, w/ or w/o the middle two wheels, as I will be removing, the color of the wheels that are included are irrelevant, but the middle MUST have the indent used for grinding.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you. If I left out any information feel free to ask and I will answer asap.

Blades already looked at and thinking about
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