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I'm going as Natalia from Tales of the Abyss, Mammon/Viper from Hitman Reborn, and The Will of the Abyss from Pandora Hearts. not sure what days I'm going as what yet.
I'm just wondering is anyone else cosplaying as anyone else from Pandora Hearts? Any Pandora Hearts Cosplayers out there I would love to meet others at the con.
Cosplays done: All at Anime Expo & ALA
Yuki Kuran: vampire knight 100%
Natalia: Tales of the Abyss
Mammon/Viper: Hitman Reborn 100%
Will of the Abyss: Pandora Hearts 100%
Elle Mel Marta: Tales of Xillia 2 100%

Cosplays working on:

Chrome:Hitman Reborn 2%
Ciel Phantomhive: Pink Dress as a girl
May: Pokemon 0%
Mayuri: Steins Gate 40%
Historia Reiss: Attack on Titan 0%

Yona:Akatsuki no Yona 25%

Upcoming Cons:Anime Expo 2015 & Anime LA 2016
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