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My current cosplay plans:
  • Day 1: ALO Kirito (Sword Art Online)
  • Day 2 or 3: Kagamine Len [Poker Face or yukata or Love Is War or Senbonzakura or default...I don't know yet]
  • Day 2 or 3: Itsuka Kotori (Date A Live) [Crossplay]
  • Day 3: Genis Sage (Tales of Symphonia) [Tales of gathering only]
  • Day 0 and/or 4: Gaul Gallete des Rois [casual ver.] (DOG DAYS)

Others as backup or don't know yet:
  • Itsuka Shidou or Tobiichi Origami [Crossplay] (Date A Live)
  • Naoe Riki (Little Busters!) [Girls School Uniform ver.]

My list can change depend on if I can find groups for SAO, VOCALOID, DOG DAYS, Date A Live, and/or Little Busters!
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Next Confirmed Cons:

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