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Please note that A-Kon has announced their overflow hotels on their website. If you attempt reservations at any of the three hotels only to find 'none available for these dates', please be patient--A-Kon is trying to get this resolved ASAP.

Also note that all of the surrounding hotels are filling very quickly due to the sheer number of people that will be attending A-Kon. If you intend on getting a room, it's recommended that you do so sooner rather than later. Chances are good that you will be unable to find a decent room by the end of April. Also, if you want/need a room share, now is the time to be asking. A-Kon has their 'forums' on Facebook, and you must be a member of Facebook to post there.

Alternatively, I have started a thread in the past for room shares on these boards--I can revive it if there is need for those who aren't on Facebook. (Please note: I believe you must be a registered member of CosCom to post on these boards as well.)

Next month I will begin the Events calendar and update the alternate hotel map with recent information about booking.

Ja ne!
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