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Originally Posted by Celine View Post

Maybe we'll do FF4 on Friday, or maybe on Saturday night. I can guarantee that one of our group won't last very long in his costume because he's sort of a wimp when it comes to costuming. Whatever though, he's Kainazzo and nobody likes that dumb turtle anyway. Please send me a PM or something and we can come up with a time that works for you to coordinate. I would loooove to have more FF4 to hang with!
Alright! PM sent! Are you sure ninja turtle man won't able to last as long in his costume? Maybe he can be coaxed with a pizza or a cowabunga or sumthing? Maybe tell him the Shredder won't be there? lol

Originally Posted by Zaiten View Post
If the potential Rosa is me, then I'll turn it into a yes and join you in a walk around. ^_^ I always love people helping me narrow down my choices. It eliminates my indecisiveness and makes me a happy cosplayer.
Alright Rosa joined the party, awesome!

@ tifia: Would you be able to join us as Rydia?
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