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In my stupidity, I completed the wrong project in Drawing II. Turns out that this week the midterm projects were due, and I was all wrapped up in another one entirely. My teacher told me just before I left that the project was due, and said that it's 10% off per day for every day it wasn't in, but she'd be in the school Friday evening and I could turn it in then.

I must have missed her or something, because she wasn't there.

So far I've sent her an email Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and this morning, trying to get in contact with her about handing in the midterm. I know it's not her responsibility to clean up my messes or check her professional email on weekends, but so far my project is down to a 60% before I've even handed it in. If I fail this class, I have to take another semester for that one class. One drawing class, that's it, that's all that's between me and my degree.
Teacher got back to me and apologized for not being there. She said she'd grade it like she received it on Friday. <33333

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