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And here we go!

paxeast13-036 by TifaIA, on Flickr

I kind of like the dark lipstick. I did a dark purple base and a light layer of black over it. I think because my skin is so pale it works out much better.

Obviously I'm not wearing the shoes. Well apparently as amazing as this paint is, it's best for humid and hot temperatures. Which Boston in March is not. Soon as I put them on the paint began to flake like crazy. I had to swap them out. Since coming home last night and leaving them here, the paint is no longer chipping. Go fig.

Oh well. Even with only 3-4 pictures and no one at the SE booth having a clue who I was (seriously...none of them knew any of us old school characters. I think we were all kind of disappointed by that) it was still fun and comfy. Sometimes it's nice just walking around a con without being stopped for photos constantly. ^^ It was good to see 2 Rydia's, another Celes with Terra, a Black Mage, and White Mage amongst the crowd.
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