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Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post

And this lovely gif reminds me of my rant...

I'm in this class that my school made for the most gifted students from our grade. We did individual projects at the beginning of the year-but recently the teacher has changed it into a class to relax before we have to deal with tougher things in high school. You would expect that class to be full of the smartest, brightest, best kids from the school, right? Yeah, no.

What that class is is all of the most popular, annoying ass kids, jocks, and a few others. Mind you, they're all plenty smart and creative, I'll hand it to them. But there is one kid who today, was CONSTANTLY making racist remarks, gay jokes, cancer jokes...everything. AND THE TEACHER DID NOTHING. All she did was say "Get back to work, Daniel." And, naturally, he didn't.
I swear tomorrow if he dare says anything like that I am grabbing him by the ear and marching him across the hall to the principal's office. If the teacher isn't going to do her job of making a safe learning environment for us where I don't have to deal with pricks like him, I'll do it for her.
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