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So my friend and I decided just today that we're going to do fem! Sam and Dean cosplays for Tekkoshocon, which is in less than two weeks. XD This was not in the original game plan, but we wanted to do matching/group outfits and her Doctor Who one isn't going to be done on time.

We're not going for super!fem but just like...if they were still badass hunters, just women.
I'm being Sam, and I have a blue and white plaid shirt but I'm still looking for a jacket. Then I'm going to wear jeans and boots, plus the anti possession tattoo and ruby's knife. To fem it up a bit I was going to do some neutral-ish makeup (browns and greens) and maybe get boots that have a bit of a heel on them. Luckily, I already have season 8 Sammy hair so I won't need a wig.
My friend who's being Dean is deciding between a black jacket and a plaid one, I don't know other details except that she's going to do red nails I think.

Basically, any suggestions for us, especially throwing these together so last minute? ^^;
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