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There isn't MUCH outdoors around the hotel that are decent. I aim for the walls as the backgrounds and sometimes corners to make my photos more interesting. Softiel hotel though does not need a pass and their lobby is well lit during daytime so indoor photography isn't impossible. And the Softiel Hotel is WAYYY nicer inside! Or else, it's pretty much just cars, streets, and highway around the hotel area. You just have to get creative from there!


But seriously, my favorite area is the south wing (I think that's correct, the side where smokers goes always go to smoke) because of the way the light hits the walls and the way the 'path' makes in a photo, like this one (sorry, old photo, lol):

But each photographer got their own likes and dislikes, so I'm sure you'll find something that you'll like. Just do a quick search around the hotel to see if there is a spot or two you like.

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