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[quote=Blue Leader;4635187]What do you guys recommend for dark circles around eyes? The Italian in me makes my eyes dark all the time, and in convention lighting it makes me look like I'm dead or on drugs. Is there something I can do to help with that? >>

There is probably concealer products that can help. Many people , including myself, have dark circles. You are correct about overhead lighting making it appear worse. Convention lighting is usually horrible.

Photoshop can fix it up pretty good but in candids, like in your example, not much you can do short of a little theatrical makeup, sorry to say. Or better lighting angles relative to the camera.

You can check Webmd or the like for common causes and remedies. In case it might be sinus problems or something like that.

I feel the same way about shots of myself. As a photographer, I try and get the best light I can on me if I'm being photographed. Sometimes looking up into the lens and light can help.
It's all about angles and shadows.

Hope some of this helps.
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