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Originally Posted by Neon-Heart417 View Post
It was an okko con. I enjoyed it, but compared to some other's views, it was small. *shrug* Hell if I know though. But I was just wondering cuz there was someone who seemed similar to you xD
Ah, I have been to my share of small cons. I was semi considering going, but too far, no one day passes, and heard it was pretty small so meh

Originally Posted by spencerb1125 View Post
Na I was with someone who didn't really want to go with me so I went to check out the merchandise and talk to some people about costumes as I was leaving I met a guy in a clone trooper outfit and I was talking to him about a group called the 501st.
Hopefully you enjoyed it enough. I thought for a first year con it was good. That drive is killer for me though, about 1 and a half hour
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